We are having Church Services in-person and indoors again, and will continue live streaming.

9:30 am: Sabbath School
10:45 am: Worship Service

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Prayer Meeting Online
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
Meeting ID:  417 7957065  Password:  070120

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Revelation Today – The Great Reset will begin on October 8 at 7pm from Chattanooga Tennessee

What a time to be alive! As we look at the events happening around us that shape the world we live in it is easy to come to the conclusion that something significant is just on the horizon of earth’s history. In government, the economy, the environment and so much more we see evidences that this world cannot continue in the status quo for too much longer! Your faith will be strengthened and you will be blessed by signing up for this Bible study series from It is Written.
REGESTER NOW AT: revelationtoday.com
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